how to get unique values in excel using powershell


i have following code, i this i will read a excel sheet and i will get values but i want a unique values for one column that is MOD_user using that i can send out mail

#select excel file you want to read $file = "C:\Gopi_Kishan\DBBR\Build\Build_Scripts\test.xlsx" $sheetName = "Sheet1" #create new excel COM object $excel = New-Object -com Excel.Application #open excel file $wb = $excel.workbooks.open($file) #select excel sheet to read data $sheet = $wb.Worksheets.Item($sheetname) #select total rows $rowMax = ($sheet.UsedRange.Rows).Count #create new object with Sno, Market, Object Name, Object_Type, Issue_id, Mod_user, Reviewed properties. $myData = New-Object -TypeName psobjectl $myData | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name Issue_id -Value $null $myData | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name Mod_user -Value $null $myData | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name Reviewed -Value $null $myData | Add-Member -MemberType NoteProperty -Name Request_number -Value $null $myarray= "gkishan" #create empty arraylist #$myArray = @() for ($i = 2; $i -le $rowMax; $i++) { $objTemp = $myData | Select-Object * #read data from each cell $objTemp.Sno = $sheet.Cells.Item($i,1).Text $objTemp.Issue_id = $sheet.Cells.Item($i,5).Text $objTemp.Mod_user = $sheet.Cells.Item($i,6).Text $objTemp.Reviewed = $sheet.Cells.Item($i,7).Text $objTemp.Request_number = $sheet.Cells.Item($i,8).Text #Echo $objTemp.Market #echo $objTemp.name #echo $objTemp.Object_Type $MARKET_NAME = $objTemp.Market $OBJECT_NAME = $objTemp.name $OBJECT_TYPE = $objTemp.Object_Type $Issue_id = $objTemp.Issue_id $Mod_user = $objTemp.Mod_user $Reviewed = $objTemp.Reviewed $ReqNumber = $objTemp.Request_number #Write-Host $MARKET_NAME ' - ' $OBJECT_NAME ' - ' $OBJECT_TYPE ' - ' $Issue_id ' - ' $Mod_user ' - ' $Reviewed #Add-Content $path\$FileLogdate.txt $MARKET_NAME' - '$OBJECT_NAME' - '$OBJECT_TYPE' - '$Issue_id' - '$Mod_user' - '$Reviewed }

i want to get the unique values from Mod_user

can any one help


You can try:

$objTemp.Mod_user = $sheet.Cells.Item($i,6).Text $unique_mod_users = $objTemp.Mod_user | Select-Object -Unique

You can then use $unique_mod_users in this way:

$Mod_user = $unique_mod_users

Or simply use it directly.



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