styles.xml breaking password-protected XSSFWorkbook (Apache POI v3.16) save process [SOLVED]


Currently using Apache POI 3.16 on Java version 1.7.0-251 (Unix)

Taking a leaf out of the example explained by @Aniruddh Chandegra (How to create and edit a password protect excel sheet using Apache POI 3.14?)

[EDIT - Added the below code to show what I'm doing: creates XSSFWorkbook and extracts data, then encrypts]

Note: I'm running the code on - server-side Javascript - using Mozilla Rhino v1.7R3 which provides support for nearly all of ECMAScript Edition 5 plus a few features from Mozilla Javascript 1.8.

var wb = new XSSFWorkbook(); var createHelper = wb.getCreationHelper(); // Begin filling in rows/cells addMostRecentSheet(wb); var filepath = [hidden] var fileOut = new java.io.FileOutputStream(filepath); wb.write(fileOut); fileOut.close(); var fs = new POIFSFileSystem(); var info = new EncryptionInfo(EncryptionMode.agile, CipherAlgorithm.aes192, HashAlgorithm.sha384, -1, -1, null); var enc = info.getEncryptor(); enc.confirmPassword("password"); var os = enc.getDataStream(fs); opc.saveImpl(os); //<<-----Crash there - unable to save /x1/styles.xml opc.close(); var fos = new java.io.FileOutputStream(filepath); fs.writeFilesystem(fos); fos.close();

I eventually managed to save password protected xlsx but I had to remove the styling of Date columns.

Below is the code to format cells into Date celltype:

function createDateCell(row, colNum, value) { var cell; if (value) { cell = row.createCell(colNum); cell.setCellValue(value); var cellStyle = wb.createCellStyle(); cellStyle.setDataFormat(createHelper.createDataFormat().getFormat("dd/mm/yyyy")); cell.setCellStyle(cellStyle) } else { cell = row.createCell(colNum, Cell.CELL_TYPE_BLANK); } return cell; }

Yet when running the program, I keep getting this error, is there a workaround to keep the Date column type? The error message:

org.apache.poi.openxml4j.exceptions.OpenXML4JRuntimeException: Fail to save: an error occurs while saving the package : The part /xl/styles.xml failed to be saved in the stream with marshaller org.apache.poi.openxml4j.opc.internal.marshallers.DefaultMarshaller@216fb8e

To create date style cells, you need to do this:

var wb = new XSSFWorkbook(); var createHelper = wb.getCreationHelper(); var dateStyle = wb.createCellStyle(); dateStyle.setDataFormat(createHelper.createDataFormat().getFormat("dd/mm/yyyy"));

You only need to do it once. By setting the cellStyle at the top, you've populated /xl/styles.xml only once.

When populating the cells, you simply add the dateStyle to the function:

createDateCell(row, colNum++, tables.SHE_SOUTH.DOB.value, dateStyle);

The function <em>createDateCell</em> simply add the cellStyle:

function createDateCell(row,colNum,value, cellStyle){ var cell; if(value){ cell = row.createCell(colNum, Cell.CELL_TYPE_NUMERIC); cell.setCellValue(value); cell.setCellStyle(cellStyle); } else { cell = row.createCell(colNum, Cell.CELL_TYPE_BLANK); } return cell; }

That way the /xl/styles.xml doesn't get bloated as before. Which allows the encryption of the workbook. Works a treat, with credit to Axel Richter



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