Dart/flutter how to change the timer inside periodic after every time


I'm making a custom logic for showing ads in my app, so when the user opens the app after 1 min pops up an ad then supposed this 1 min to get increased by 1 min every time, So x be 2 then 3 then 4 ...etc.

I tried to do so, but didn't work for me ( showing the ad every 1 min not increase it );

<pre class="lang-dart prettyprint-override">int x = 1; Timer.periodic(Duration(minutes: x), (timer) { x = x + 1; interstitialAd.load(); });

I think you cannot do it. You can alternatively cancel the current timer and start a new timer based on conditions. Check the following pseudo-code

<pre class="lang-dart prettyprint-override"> Timer.periodic(Duration(minutes: 5), (timer) { if(condition){ timer.cancel(); createNewPeriodicTask(); } // task code });



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