SQL Server Error: XQuery [nodes()]: A node or set of nodes is required for 'nodes()'


I was trying to pass my variables into the nodes() and value() methods, but some errors occurred:

DECLARE @path VARCHAR(50) = '/A/B/C', @node VARCHAR(20) = '@name', @result XML =' <A> <B> <C name='nameA'/> </B> <B> <C name='nameB'/> </B> </A> ' SELECT T.c.value('./sql:variable("@node")', 'varchar(50)') FROM @result.nodes('sql:variable("@path")') T(c)

Raises the error:


XQuery [nodes()]: A node or set of nodes is required for 'nodes()'


Also, when I use '/A/B/C' to replace @path, the error raised:


XQuery [value()]: The XQuery syntax '/function()' is not supported.


My goal is to get a table like:

|Name| |NameA| |NameB| |···|



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