C# equivalent to Java Robot class


What is the C# equivalent to Java Robot class for mouse pointer movements? As Actions class cannot be used directly for keyboard and mouse. I need to move my mouse pointer visually in selenium n c#. For example, if I want to access my mail from Rediffmail website, the mouse pointer should move to the address bar then to username and password textbox and log-in button. Mouse pointer should move along with the actions being performed in my tests.


As you are looking out for C# modules equivalent to Java Robot class there can be three possible solutions :


If you can tweak your requirement form <em>move the mouse pointer visually</em> to <em>highlight the username and password textbox</em>, you can take help of ExecuteScript Method from IJavaScriptExecutor Interface as follows :

IWebElement element = driver.FindElement(By.XPath("username_field_xpath")) ((IJavaScriptExecutor)driver).ExecuteScript("arguments[0].setAttribute('style','backgroud: yellow; border: solid 2px red')", element); </li> <li>

Another alternative would be to use the Windows Input Simulator (C# SendInput Wrapper - Simulate Keyboard and Mouse) as @Nish26 mentioned in her comments.

</li> <li>The other alternative is the Global Mouse and Keyboard Library which uses the <em>Global Hooks</em> which can capture mouse and keyboard events from any application. These events are very similar to the ones that appear on Windows controls.</li> </ul>

For the second and third options you won't find a direct way to interact through <em>WebDriver</em>. Perhaps you have to lookout for a tailor-made solution.



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