Is it possible to use react-datepicker with react hooks forms?


Is it possible to use react-datepicker with react hooks forms? I tried following sample:


But with no luck.

import React, { useState } from "react"; import "./styles.css"; import { useForm } from "react-hook-form"; import { Row, Col, Form, FormGroup, Label, Input, Button } from "reactstrap"; import DatePicker from "react-datepicker"; export default function App() { const { register, handleSubmit } = useForm(); const [startDate, setStartDate] = useState(); const [result, setResult] = useState(); const onSearch = event => { setResult(event); }; return ( <div className="App"> <Form onSubmit={handleSubmit(onSearch)}> <Row> <Col> <FormGroup> <Input type="number" name="account" id="account" placeholder="AccountId" innerRef={register({ required: true, maxLength: 20 })} /> </FormGroup> </Col> </Row> <Row> <Col> <DatePicker innerRef={register} name="datetime" className={"form-control"} selected={startDate} onChange={date => setStartDate(date)} showTimeSelect timeFormat="HH:mm" timeIntervals={15} timeCaption="time" dateFormat="MM-dd-yyyy h:mm" /> </Col> </Row> <Button>Submit</Button> </Form> <div>{JSON.stringify(result)}</div> </div> ); }

Please take a look at the Controller doc: https://react-hook-form.com/api/#Controller

which we are maintaining a codesandbox example for hosting most the external components UI libs' implementations: https://codesandbox.io/s/react-hook-form-controller-079xx

<Controller as={ReactDatePicker} control={control} valueName="selected" // DateSelect value's name is selected onChange={([selected]) => selected} name="ReactDatepicker" className="input" placeholderText="Select date" />



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