A variable shared between views and initialized in AppConfig


I want to have a variable which I initialize as the application startup and to which I get get access from the views:

# my_app/my_config.py class WebConfig(AppConfig): name = '....' verbose_name = '....' def ready(self): print('loading...') warnings.filterwarnings("ignore") my_var = {} # my_app/views.py def index(request): # my_var isn't accessible

I can't store my_var into the session because the session isn't available at WebConfig.

How can I do that then?


Define the my_var at the module level in the my_config and then import it in the views:


my_var = None class WebConfig(AppConfig): ... def ready(self): global my_var my_var = {}


from my_app.my_config import my_var def index(request): print my_var

Note the global keyword.



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