How to change the email verification link in allauth


I'm using allauth in my django application. Once the user is created it sends an email with the link like this http://localhost:8001/account/confirm-email/asdfafsd/

However, I want the link to be http://localhost:8001/verifyEmail/asdfafsd since I am using angular on the front end.

I can't figure out where to change this link?


Add to urls.py custom URL:

url(r"^verifyEmail/(?P<key>\w+)/$", allauth.accounts.views.confirm_email, name="my_confirm_email")

And edit email-template to use 'my_confirm_email' url:


<ol><li>Override the template by creating a same named file. For django-allauth: templates/account/email_confirmation_message.txt</li> <li>

create a sample custom tag and include in any of your app, i.e for example app userprofile in userprofile/templatetags/userprofile.py

</li> <li>

in userprofile.pycode can be like

from django import template from django.template.defaultfilters import stringfilter register = template.Library() @register.simple_tag(name="make_confirm_url", takes_context=True) def make_confirm_url(context): activate_url = context.get('activate_url') slice_idx = activate_url.find('account') return ''.join(['http://', context.get('current_site').domain, '/',activate_url[slice_idx:]]) </li> <li>

email_confirmation_message.txt can be like

{% load userprofile %}{% make_confirm_url as the_link %} {% load account %}{% user_display user as user_display %}{% load i18n %} {% autoescape off %}{% blocktrans with site_name=current_site.namesite_domain=current_site.domain %} Hello from {{ site_name }}! You're receiving this e-mail because user {{ user_display }} has given yours as an e-mail address to connect their account. To confirm this is correct, go to {{the_link}} {% endblocktrans %}{% endautoescape %} {% blocktrans with site_name=current_site.name site_domain=current_site.domain %}Thank you from {{ site_name }} Dev Team ! {{ site_domain }}{% endblocktrans %} </li> <li>

In the above code the domain is fetched from the django_sites Model You can include you logics and write a route accordingly in frontend framework (like angular). Thanks

</li> </ol>



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