How to get mean of rows selected with another column's values in pandas


I am trying to get calculate the mean for Score 1 only if column Dates is equal to Oct-16:

What I originally tried was:

import pandas as pd import numpy as np import os dataFrame = pd.read_csv("test.csv") for date in dataFrame["Dates"]: if date == "Oct-16": print(date)##Just checking print(dataFrame["Score 1"].mean())

But my results are the mean for the whole column Score 1

Another thing I tried was manually telling it which indices to calculate the mean for:

dataFrame["Score 1"].iloc[0:2].mean()

But ideally I would like to find a way to do it if Dates == "Oct-16".


Iterating through the rows doesn't take advantage of Pandas' strengths. If you want to do something with a column based on values of another column, you can use .loc[]:

dataFrame.loc[dataFrame['Dates'] == 'Oct-16', 'Score 1']

The first part of .loc[] selects the rows you want, using your specified criteria (dataFrame['Dates'] == 'Oct-16'). The second part specifies the column you want (Score 1). Then if you want to get the mean, you can just put .mean() on the end:

dataFrame.loc[dataFrame['Dates'] == 'Oct-16', 'Score 1'].mean()
import pandas as pd import numpy as np import os dataFrame = pd.read_csv("test.csv") dates = dataFrame["Dates"] score1s = dataFrame["Score 1"] result = [] for i in range(0,len(dates)): if dates[i] == "Oct-16": result.append(score1s[i]) print(result.mean())

How about the mean for all dates

dataframe.groupby('Dates').['Score 1'].mean()



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