ng2-smart-table has missing dependencies completer


I am using Ng2SmartTable and I have this error:


ERROR in The target entry-point "ng2-smart-table" has missing dependencies: - @ akveo / ng2-completer


I have already tried the following commands and it does not work:


1.npm install --save ng2-smart-table

2.npm i ng2-completer --save

3.npm i rxjs-compat --save


I also faced the same issue while trying to install ng2-smart-table

In ng2-smart-table the CompleterService is imported in the following way


import { CompleterService } from '@akveo/ng2-completer';


But if we open ng2-completer from node_modules you can see the ng2-completer is not within the '@akveo' folder

So just create a new folder in node_module and rename it as @akveo and copy the ng2-completer files into @akevo folder

Now open package.json , package.lock.json and change ng2-completer to @akveo/ng2-completer and restart the server

it will be working fine



Installing the dependencies makes it work in dev, but in the build prod there is a problem.

For Angular 9+ try this:

in your tsconfig.app.json, set

"angularCompilerOptions": { "enableIvy": true }

its worked for me, with @akveo/ng2-completer dependency only.


try this.

npm i rxjs-compat --save npm i @akveo/ng2-completer --save

See here. https://github.com/yggg/ng2-smart-table/commit/8a4f0bb

As mentioned above, you need to be careful.



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