AKS creation through CLI fails: Reconcile standard load balancer failed


I have created the AKS using below CLI command on countless number of occasions. I had no problem until today.

az aks create --resource-group rg --name ama --generate-ssh-keys --location southeastasia --aad-server-app-id xxxxx-xxxxxx-xxx-xxx-xxxxxxxxx --aad-server-app-secret @xxx?=1[xxx:xxx:xxxx:xxxx --aad-client-app-id xxxxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx --client-secret xxxxx-xxx-xxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxx --aad-tenant-id xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx --service-principal xxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxx --node-count 3

Today, I am getting the below error. I tried two different regions and two different subscriptions. but same error.

Deployment failed. Correlation ID: a3aa4495-7669-4338-bc86-95b7d8b28f8f. Reconcile standard load balancer failed. Details: standardLoadBalancerReconciler retry failed: Future#WaitForCompletion: the number of retries has been exceeded: StatusCode=502 -- Original Error: Code="InvalidGatewayHost" Message="Host name resolution failed for 'Microsoft.Network'; cannot fulfill the request.".

Anybody experienced/ experiencing this?


Azure has a problem affecting resource creation:


Starting at 08:45 UTC on 04 Jun 2020, a subset of customers may experience issues with >resource creation for services that depend on the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) platform.

We have determined that ARM functionality is being impacted by an underlying Networking >issue, and this manifests as latency or failures when creating resources for some >services. We are actively working to troubleshoot this, and the next update will be >provided in 60 minutes, or as events warrant.



Also see this question:

InvalidGatewayHost host name resolution failed for Microsoft.network



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