binding in SwiftUI Live Preview (mutable)


I have a ChildView with a variable:

@Binding var itemName: String

In this ChildView I have few buttons that change value of the variable:

Button(action: { self.itemName = "different value" })

I was trying to use Preview like this:

struct ChildView_Previews: PreviewProvider { static var previews: some View { ChildView(itemName: "test") } }

But I am getting an error:


Cannot convert value of type 'String' to expected argument type 'Binding'


I am aware that I can use Preview like below. And the error will be gone and preview will work, but... itemName will have constant value, it will not be mutable now, not interactive in Live Preview:

struct ChildView_Previews: PreviewProvider { static var previews: some View { ChildView(itemName: .constant("test")) } }

How to declare a binding in SwiftUI Preview to make it interactive?


Update: @State appears does not update previews directly, so idea is to wrap testing view into thing @State provider, which refreshes previewed view. Tested as worked on Xcode 11.2.1.

struct ChildView: View { @Binding var itemName: String var body: some View { VStack { Text("Name: \(itemName)") Button(action: { self.itemName = "different value" }) { Text("Change") } } } } struct ChildView_Previews: PreviewProvider { struct BindingTestHolder: View { @State var testItem: String = "Initial" var body: some View { ChildView(itemName: $testItem) } } static var previews: some View { BindingTestHolder() } }

If you need a value that can be changed in the live preview, I like to use this helper class:

<pre class="lang-swift prettyprint-override">struct BindingProvider<StateT, Content: View>: View { @State private var state: StateT private var content: (_ binding: Binding<StateT>) -> Content init(_ initialState: StateT, @ViewBuilder content: @escaping (_ binding: Binding<StateT>) -> Content) { self.content = content self._state = State(initialValue: initialState) } var body: some View { self.content($state) } }

Use it like so:

<pre class="lang-swift prettyprint-override">struct YourView_Previews: PreviewProvider { static var previews: some View { BindingProvider(false) { binding in YourView(yourBindingVar: binding) } } }

This allows you to test changing the binding in the live preview.



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