Deno: How to substitute npm scripts (package.json)


Since it is not necessary to have package.json file with deno, how can I as a developer have a similar experience just as we have with npm scripts in package.json?

<h2>deno install</h2>

You can create executable, aliased scripts with deno install.

It will provide a thin shell/cmd wrapper for the specified main module and CLI arguments. Example:

deno install --root . -n serve --allow-read --allow-net https://deno.land/std@0.54.0/http/file_server.ts

The result is a serve script, similar to npm "scripts": { "serve": ... }:

./bin/serve # run `serve` script (~ npm run serve)

If the project's bin folder is added to PATH environment, the command shortens up to serve.

<h2>What deno install does</h2> <ul><li>creates bin folder, if not existent</li> <li>adds serve/serve.cmd file with following content (Windows here): % generated by deno install % @deno.exe "run" "--allow-read" "--allow-net" "https://deno.land/std@0.54.0/http/file_server.ts" %* </li> <li>-n is the command name used later on (can be left out)</li> <li>--root specifies the bin root location (otherwise ~/.deno)</li> <li>-f option overwrites an existent alias</li> </ul>

<em>Side note</em>: Any .js/.ts script is a valid reference - source code location (local/URL) does not matter. If external shell scripts are to be included, you can also run them inside a subprocess.

<h2>Built-in deno commands</h2>

Deno already comes with built-in solutions for common ecosystem tasks, e.g. bundle, fmt, test and lint later on (see deno help). You can invoke these commands directly - no need to define custom scripts:

deno test deno fmt deno cache -r main.ts # similar to `npm run build` / `tsc` # ... <h3>Example: Custom npm run build</h3> // ./scripts/build.ts // create subprocess const p = Deno.run({ cmd: ["deno", "cache", "-r", "--unstable", "main.ts"], }); await p.status(); deno install --root . --allow-run scripts\build.ts ./bin/build # execute build script

I've been working on a solution that mimics the package.json scripts sections while adding some Deno specific functionalities.

You need first to install denox you can find the instructions here https://github.com/BentoumiTech/denox

Then create a .deno-workspace file where you specify your scripts list :

<pre class="lang-yaml prettyprint-override">scripts: # "denox run start" will execute main.ts with example.com networking permissions start: file: main.ts permissions: allow-net: example.com # "denox run develop" will execute main.ts with localhost networking permissions develop: file: main.ts permissions: allow-net: localhost

You can then run

<ol><li>$ denox run start</li> <li>$ denox run develop</li> </ol>

You can create your own files as denoDept.js

export { assert } from "https://deno.land/std@v0.39.0/testing/asserts.ts"; export { green, bold } from "https://deno.land/std@v0.39.0/fmt/colors.ts";

And you can add all your dependencies in a single file and use it so it will look like package manager.


velociraptor may be of help, especially if you want to run arbitrary shell scripts.

It accepts both yaml, json and ts script configuration files. The following example illustrates the main features:

<pre class="lang-yaml prettyprint-override"># scripts.yaml scripts: start: deno run server.ts # Scripts can be simple command strings opts: # Or objects cmd: deno run server.ts desc: Starts the server tsconfig: tsconfig.json # Deno cli options imap: importmap.json allow: - read - net env: # Env vars PORT: 8080 compact: server.ts # `deno run` is automatically prepended # when the script starts with a .ts file multiple: # Lists of commands are executed in series - echo one - echo two concurrent: # Use the pll property to declare pll: # concurrent scripts - echo one - echo two env: # Top level options are sent to all the scripts PORT: 3000 allow: - write

Run vr without arguments to see a list of available scripts. To execute a script run:

<pre class="lang-sh prettyprint-override">$ vr <script name> [additional args]... # or $ vr run <script name> [additional args]... # Additional args are passed to the script


<pre class="lang-sh prettyprint-override">vr start <hr />

Disclaimer: I'm the author



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