iOS: APNS Certificate expires in 30 days - how is this related to APN key in Firebase messaging?


I am using Firebase Messaging for iOS and Android push notifications. I am using the new "APNs Authentication Key" mechanism and not "APN certificate"

I got an email from Apple that my "Push Certificate" will expire in 30 days and per their help document, I need to switch to this new certificate otherwise push services will stop working for my deployed app in 30 days.

I'm confused on what to do and whether APNS certificate expiring has any relevance to my app that uses APN Keys.

Per Apple's email: - I've generated the new certificate - I haven't yet revoked the old one - will do that only after I am sure on what to do - The predicament is I don't see where to upload to Firebase

Here is my Firebase settings - as you see I don't use the APN certificate.

So Question: What do I need to do with the renewed certificate?


Well, I waited for more than 30 days. The answer is "it doesn't affect you if you are using the new APN keys"

Instead of sending an ominous email, I wish they'd also write - this only applies to you if you are not using APN keys.



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