Zip 3 lists of equal length


Is there a standard operation in Kotlin stdlib which would allow to iterate over a zip of 3 (or more) lists?

Effectively it should do:

list1.zip(list2).zip(list3) { (a, b), c -> listOf(a, b, c)}

Here are functions in the style of the standard library that do this. I'm not saying these are particularly optimized, but I think they're at least easy to understand.

/** * Returns a list of lists, each built from elements of all lists with the same indexes. * Output has length of shortest input list. */ public inline fun <T> zip(vararg lists: List<T>): List<List<T>> { return zip(*lists, transform = { it }) } /** * Returns a list of values built from elements of all lists with same indexes using provided [transform]. * Output has length of shortest input list. */ public inline fun <T, V> zip(vararg lists: List<T>, transform: (List<T>) -> V): List<V> { val minSize = lists.map(List<T>::size).min() ?: return emptyList() val list = ArrayList<V>(minSize) val iterators = lists.map { it.iterator() } var i = 0 while (i < minSize) { list.add(transform(iterators.map { it.next() })) i++ } return list }


val list1 = listOf(1, 2, 3, 4) val list2 = listOf(5, 6) val list3 = listOf(7, 8, 9) println(zip(list1, list2, list3)) // [[1, 5, 7], [2, 6, 8]]



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