React Hooks - useReducer: Wait for reducer to finish before triggering a function


I have the component using useReducer Hooks:

const init = { statA: true, statB: true }; const reducer = (state, action) => { switch (action.type) { case "ActionA": return { ...state, statA: !state.statA }; case "ActionB": return { ...state, statB: !state.statB }; default: return state; } }; const App = () => { const [state, dispatch] = useReducer(reducer, init); const clickMe = () => { dispatch({ type: "ActionA" }); dispatch({ type: "ActionB" }); console.log(state); } return( <button onClick={() => clickMe()}>Click Me</button> ); };

When the button is clicked, the state will be changed. But when I view the log, it prints the previous state, not the current updated state.

//On the first click //Expected { statA: false, statB: false } //Reality { statA: true, statB: true } //On the second click //Expected { statA: true, statB: true } //Reality { statA: false, statB: false }

I know that with setState, I can use callback to work with updated state. But with useReducer, I don't know how to work with the updated state. Is there any way to solve my problem?


console.log(state) is side effect. Side effects belong to useEffect hook:

const [state, dispatch] = useReducer(reducer, init); useEffect(() => { // a condition may be added in case it shouldn't be executed every time console.log(state); }, [state]); const clickMe = () => { dispatch({ type: "ActionA" }); dispatch({ type: "ActionB" }); }

If a library does not expose a certain functionality, this could mean that it is not supposed to be used in the way you want it. That setState takes a callback, while Hooks do not is probably a design decision.

If you want to trigger a side effect when the state changes, do that in the reducer itself:

const reducer = (state, action) => { switch (action.type) { case "ActionA": console.log("action a triggered"); // <<< return { ...state, statA: !state.statA }; case "ActionB": return { ...state, statB: !state.statB }; default: return state; } };

Or if you just want to debug the state, do that when the App gets rerendered:

const [state, dispatch] = useReducer(reducer, init); console.log(state);



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