Declare Nodejs global variables in “before” hook in WebdriverIO using TypeScript


I'm trying to port my JS WDIO project ot TypeScript

I have faced the issue when during the development TypeScript is not recognizing my Nodejs global variables declared in before hook in my WDIO config:

... let chai = require('chai'); ... before: async function (capabilities, specs) { //setting global variables global.foo = "bar" global.expect= chai.expect; global.helpers = require("../helpers/helpers"); // ... etc. // ... etc. },

I came across different SO topics but seems like they are not relevant since the approach here is bit different (because of the before hook)...

I even have manged to get it working at some point by creating global.d.ts with something inside like:

declare module NodeJS { interface Global { foo: string } }

But after this typescript stopped recognizing WDIO types lik browser, $ etc. And also with this approach I had to use global.foo in my tests meaning I have to change hundreds of occurrences of foo.

How can I migrate my project to TypeScript and continue using my global variables from the before hook?


You actually need to augment both the NodeJS.Global interface and global scope

Your global.d.ts will look like this

import chai from "chai"; // we need to wrap our global declarations in a `declare global` block // because importing chai makes this file a module. // declare global modifies the global scope from within a module declare global { const foo: string; const expect: typeof chai.expect; const helpers: typeof import("../helpers/helpers"); namespace NodeJS { interface Global { foo: typeof foo; expect: typeof expect; helpers: typeof helpers; } } }

Note that I declared the actual globals const because you only set them by referencing global in your before hook.



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