Regex for a valid hashtag


I need regular expression for validating a hashtag. Each hashtag should starts with hashtag("#").

Valid inputs:

1. #hashtag_abc

2. #simpleHashtag

3. #hashtag123

Invalid inputs:

1. #hashtag#

2. #hashtag@hashtag

I have been trying with this regex /#[a-zA-z0-9]/ but it is accepting invalid inputs also.

Any suggestions for how to do it?


There are 2 issues:

<ul><li>[A-z] allows more than just letter chars ([, \, ], ^, _, ` )</li> <li>There is no quantifier after the character class and it only matches 1 char</li> </ul>

You might also need anchors (^ / $) if you want to have a full string match.



See the regex demo.


The current accepted answer fails in a few places:

<ul><li>It accepts hashtags that have no letters in them (i.e. "#11111", "#___" both pass).</li> <li>It will exclude hashtags that are separated by spaces ("hey there #friend" fails to match "#friend").</li> <li>It doesn't allow you to place a min/max length on the hashtag.</li> <li>It doesn't offer a lot of flexibility if you decide to add other symbols/characters to your valid input list.</li> </ul>

Try the following regex:


It'll close up the above edge cases, and furthermore:

<ul><li>You can change {1,30} to your desired min/max</li> <li>You can add other symbols to the [0-9_] and [a-zA-Z0-9_] blocks if you wish to later</li> </ul>

Here's a link to the demo.



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