Generic parameter 'T' could not be inferred


I'm refactoring my code and adding support for Swift generics. I'm stuck with a compiler error. My code is:

func dequeueReusableViewController<T: UIViewController where T: Reusable>() -> T { // Try to fetch view controller from the reuse queue. if !self.viewControllerReuseQueue.isEmpty { return self.viewControllerReuseQueue.popFirst()! as! T } // Ask delegate to instantiate a new view controller. return delegate!.reusableViewControllerForPageViewController(self) }

This compiles smoothly. Then, later, when I try to dequeue a view controller:

// Get view controller from the reuse queue. let viewController: UIViewController = self.dequeueReusableViewController()

I'm getting an error:


Generic parameter 'T' could not be inferred


How can I solve this? I checked similar questions on SO but none of them describes my case.


The type cannot be inferred when calling a generic function returning a generic type without specifying the type of the variable you are assigning to or casting the call to the function. You can do:

let viewController: SomeViewController = self.dequeueReusableViewController()


let viewController = self.dequeueReusableViewController() as SomeViewController

I would recommend the first option unless the second is required (needing to assign to an optional for example).


There is no way the compiler know what type T is as you do not infer it.

You could force the method to know about type T:

func dequeueReusableViewController<T: UIViewController where T: Reusable>(type: T.Type) -> T? // ... let viewController = self.dequeueReusableViewController(YourViewController)

Alternatively, and somewhat neater you could let the variable do the work:

func dequeueReusableViewController<T: UIViewController where T: Reusable>() -> T? // ... let viewController: YourViewController = self.dequeueReusableViewController()

Either way you need to provide some help to let the compiler know what you're dealing with.


Should work if you are using like below example

protocol Reusable { func someMethod() } class VC: UIViewController, Reusable { func someMethod() { //Implement } } class Dequeuer { var viewControllerReuseQueue = [VC(),VC(),VC()] func dequeueReusableViewController<T: UIViewController where T: Reusable>() -> T? { // Try to fetch view controller from the reuse queue. return viewControllerReuseQueue.first as? T } } let vc: VC? = Dequeuer().dequeueReusableViewController() print(vc)


let viewController = self.dequeueReusableViewController()

is just storing the value in viewController but the type of viewController is unknown thats why it is showing you Generic parameter 'T' could not be inferred

Try let viewController: UIViewController = self.dequeueReusableViewController()

Then T will get inferred from the type UIViewController.



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