Blazor - Compare Previous and Next State


I have a table of students in Blazor, which is coming from an api, and I am also receiving a pushed data to update the students info which is basically the score upon a change in the database, the push is working fine and the score is being updated but I also want to change the background colour of the field that has been updated in the table upon a change in the score to red just the td tag for few sec, my code is as follow:

@foreach(var student in SS.GetStudents()){ <tr> <td> student.name </> <td> student.section </> // trying to compare between the previous and next state var stud = SS.GetStuentsCopy().SingleOrDefault(s =>s.Id == student.Id); var color = ""; if(stud.score != student.score){ color = red; } <td class="@color"> student.score </> </tr> } @code{ [Inject] public StudentsStates SS { get; set;} public StudentsResponse Students { get; set; } protected override async Task OnInitializedAsync() { // Subscribe to the StateChanged EventHandler SS.StateChanged += SSAdvancedStateChanged; Students = await Service.GetStudents(); // update the students and the copy together SS.UpdateStudents(Students) SS.UpdateStudentsCopy(Students) //upon receiving students updated score hubConnection = new HubConnectionBuilder() .WithUrl(NavigationManager.ToAbsoluteUri("/studhub")) .Build(); hubConnection.On<StudentsResponse>("ReceiveMessage", s => { // update the students after 3 sec update the copy SS.UpdateStudents(s); //Here the state is not being updated // unless there is a new push // or the issue might be in rendering // FYI without the sleep also I can see the changes in the color System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(3000); SS.UpdateStudentsCopy(s); } }}


namespace Ctrl.Web.Data { public class StudentsStates { public StudentsResponse Students { get; set; } public StudentsResponse StudentsCopy { get; set; } public StudentsResponse GetStudents(){return Students;} public StudentsResponse GetStudentsCopy(){return StudentsCopy;} public void UpdateStudents(Students students){ Students = students;} public void UpdateStudentsCopy(Students students){ StudentsCopy = students;} }}

As I said above everything is working fine except when there is a multiple push in a sec, the first pushed student score's background color is being changed too fast, sometimes u won't even notice it because of the pushed data and state is being updated, what I want is to slow down the background color without effecting the next pushed student score or if there is a better approach to this scenario, your answers are highly appreciated.


I would suggest creating a component for the student row as follow:

@foreach(var student in SS.GetStudents()) { <StudentRow Student={student} /> }

Then inside the StudentRow component u can create a new private student variable where u update it after a delay of 3sec and do the comparison there, Instead of saving the ids in a list or in another copy:


<tr> <td> Student.name </> <td> Student.section </> var color = ""; if(StudentCopy.score != Student.score){ color = red; } <td class="@color"> student.score </> </tr> @code{ public StudentResponse StudentCopy { get; set; } [Parameter] public StudentResponse Student { get; set; } protected override async Task OnParametersSetAsync() { await Task.Delay(3000); StudentCopy = Student; } }

OnParametersSetAsync method invoked when the component has received parameters from its parent in the render tree, and the incoming values have been assigned to properties. Read more here



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