Load shared object using ctyped.cdll.loadLibrary from dist-packages folder


I created this setup.py to compile a libDIV.so shared library and install it.

<pre class="lang-py prettyprint-override">from distutils.core import setup, Extension libDIV = Extension( 'DIV', sources = ['example.c'] ) setup ( name = 'divv', version = '0.1', description = 'DIVV, you want it', ext_modules = [libDIV], packages = [''], package_data={'': ['libDIV.so']} )

After running python3 setup.py install, the shared library is placed in the dist-packages folder as:

<pre class="lang-py prettyprint-override">/usr/local/lib/python3.4/dist-packages/DIV.cpython-34m.so

In an extra file example.py I want to load the library using ctypes.cdll.LoadLibrary, such that example.py can wrap it's functionality in more elegant, type checked python functions.

<pre class="lang-py prettyprint-override">import ctypes lib = ctypes.cdll.LoadLibrary('DIV.so') # not sure what to do here def divide_modulo(a, b): div = ctypes.c_int(0) rest = ctypes.c_int(0) lib.divide_modulo(a, b, ctypes.byref(div), ctypes.byref(rest)) return (div.value, rest.value) print(divide_modulo(11, 4)) class DynamicArray(ctypes.Structure): _fields_ = [("n", ctypes.c_int), ("r", ctypes.POINTER(ctypes.c_int))]

However I'm not sure how to pass the right file name and location for the created shared object file.

How should I distribute / configure setup.py for a library of c-files which build into a shared library and some python code to wrap the c-functionality?

For completeness, this is example.c:

<pre class="lang-cpp prettyprint-override">#include <stdlib.h> void divide_modulo(int a, int b, int *div, int *rest) { *div = a / b; *rest = a % b; } typedef struct dynamic_array { int n; int *r; } dynamic_array; dynamic_array return_dynamic_array(int n) { dynamic_array r; r.n = n; r.r = (int *)malloc(sizeof(int) * n); unsigned int i = 0; for (; i < n; ++i) r.r[i] = i; return r; }


Currently I do this to find the file name:

<pre class="lang-py prettyprint-override">import ctypes, numpy, site, os.path from scipy.sparse import csr_matrix so_file = next( os.path.join(directory, filename) for directory in site.getsitepackages() for filename in os.listdir(directory) if filename.startswith("DIV.") and filename.endswith(".so") ) lib = ctypes.cdll.LoadLibrary(so_file)

But honestly, this is quite smelly. I'm not sure the file will always be called DIV.something.so and that vice versa that other files are not named like this.



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