KeyboardView is deprecated in android


KeyboardView has been deprecated official by android team in API level 29 and i didn't able to find the alternative way for this. Please let me know if there any alternative?


From the docs here :


This class was deprecated in API level 29. This class is deprecated because this is just a convenient UI widget class that application developers can re-implement on top of existing public APIs. If you have already depended on this class, consider copying the implementation from AOSP into your project or re-implementing a similar widget by yourselves


This means that you have to create your own view with all the keys, which also means handling all the click events like enter, delete and switching keyboards eg. to symbols etc. by yourself.

Actually there are many ways to do it. But I will try to give you a simple idea, you will follow most of the steps that you used while using the deprecated KeyboardView:

First create your custom keyboard layout with android:layout_height="wrap_content", you can use any layout depending what is convenient for you like LinearLayout, RelativeLayout and Buttons for the keys. I used a GridLayout with Buttons.

Then create the subclass of InputMethodService as usual:

public class MyIMService extends InputMethodService implements View.OnClickListener { private static String TAG = "MyIMService"; @Override public View onCreateInputView() { View myKeyboardView = getLayoutInflater().inflate(R.layout.key_layout, null); Button btnA = myKeyboardView.findViewById(R.id.btnA); btnA.setOnClickListener(this); //ADD ALL THE OTHER LISTENERS HERE FOR ALL THE KEYS return myKeyboardView; } @Override public void onClick(View v) { //handle all the keyboard key clicks here InputConnection ic = getCurrentInputConnection(); if (v instanceof Button) { String clickedKeyText = ((Button) v).getText().toString(); ic.commitText(clickedKeyText, 1); } } }

The key_layout should contains all the keys can be any layout, I used a GridLayout which resembles a typical keyboard. For switching between symbols or numbers you should update the text of the buttons etc. As I said earlier you can try a different way of handling all the click events. But this should give you the basic idea.

That's it. You have to add this service in your manifest file as usual and also the other steps as usual. This should work now.



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