Uniquely identifying Leaflet Markers


I've done some research on this topic before, but I have yet to find an answer to my particular question. I am currently working with Leaflet.js. Each marker has popup text that is pulled from a MySQL database. However, some of this data does not display in the popup and is only associated with the marker.

What I would like to do is whenever a particular marker is clicked, data that is associated with it is echoed in a location other than in the popup (ie. in a DIV).

Is there a way to uniquely identify a marker so that you can pull data that is associated with it and echo it elsewhere?

Edit: Here's some code to make things a bit clearer:

Here is some of my JS:

var json_data = <?php echo json_encode($data); ?>; for (var i = 0; i < json_data.length; i++) { L.marker([json_data[i].latitude, json_data[i].longitude]) .bindPopup(json_data[i].firstName + ' ' + json_data[i].lastName + '<br>' + 'Date:' + ' ' + json_data[i].dateOccurred) .addTo(map); }

And here is my PHP:

$query = "SELECT * FROM incident, victim WHERE incident.incidentID = victim.incidentID"; //converting the data from mySQL to PHP $data = array(); //setting up an emtpy PHP array for the data to go into if($result = mysqli_query($db,$query)) { while ($row = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) { $data[] = $row; } } ?>

Basically I pull the data via PHP and then encode it into JSON.

Also, thank you for your help, guys!! :)


You can try adding a custom attribute to the marker and then get that attribute in the onClick event:

//Handle marker click var onMarkerClick = function(e){ alert("You clicked on marker with customId: " +this.options.myCustomId); } //Create marker with custom attribute var marker = L.marker([36.83711,-2.464459], {myCustomId: "abc123"}); marker.on('click', onMarkerClick);

Example on JSFiddle



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