Java regex to match only words in double square brackets


I'm trying to do this: I have this kind of text (i.e. a file):

[[dadasd sadasd sdsd ad asddd]] [[dasdsd]] dsdsd [[dsdas]] ... [[dd ssas dd]]

I want only the sentences between double square brackets. How can I solve this with java?

//This one is not working: String patternStr = "(.*)\\[\\[(.*)\\]\\](.*)"; Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile(patternStr); Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher(""); // Set the input matcher.reset("[[sdasd]] ddd [[ddssssssssssss]] vvvddd [[dd]] asdasda [[asdsa]] "); ...

Thanks in advance


You want the following regex:


which then translates to a Java string as:


PowerShell test:

PS Home:\> [regex]::Matches("[[sdasd]] ddd [[ddssssssssssss]] vvvddd [[dd]] asdasda [[asdsa]] ", '\[\[(.+?)\]\]') | ft -auto Groups Success Captures Index Length Value ------ ------- -------- ----- ------ ----- {[[sdasd]], sdasd} True {[[sdasd]]} 0 9 [[sdasd]] {[[ddssssssssssss]], ddssssssssssss} True {[[ddssssssssssss]]} 14 18 [[ddssssssssssss]] {[[dd]], dd} True {[[dd]]} 40 6 [[dd]] {[[asdsa]], asdsa} True {[[asdsa]]} 55 9 [[asdsa]]

You regex simply modified: \[\[(.*?)\]\] or this one: \[\[([^\[\]]*)\]\]

So result sentences are in group No 1


Or use this regex: (?<=\[\[)[^\[\]]*(?=\]\]) with lookahead and lookbehind.



You can do something like this:

Pattern pattern = Pattern.compile("\\[+(.*?)\\]+"); Matcher matcher = pattern.matcher("[[sdasd]] ddd [[ddssssssssssss]] vvvddd [[dd]] asdasda [[asdsa]] "); while(matcher.find()) { System.out.println(matcher.group(1)); }

It will output:

sdasd ddssssssssssss dd asdsa



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