Testcafe live not running


I am on OsX, using nvm, node 10.15.3. Testscafe (not live) works fine, but I was trying to follow the instructions at Testcafe-live

At the step where it explains how to install it locally


If you have installed testcafe-live locally to your project, add an npm script to package.json to run tests:


it refers to a package.json file, I added the entry under the scripts section

"scripts": { "test": "eslint ./**/*.js", "testcafe-live": "testcafe-live chrome tests/" },

but when I run


npm run testcafe-live


I get these errors:

npm ERR! path /Users/Thomas.Pavan/testcafe/package.json npm ERR! code ENOENT npm ERR! errno -2 npm ERR! syscall open npm ERR! enoent ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/Users/Thomas.Pavan/testcafe/package.json' npm ERR! enoent This is related to npm not being able to find a file. npm ERR! enoent npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in: npm ERR! /Users/Thomas.Pavan/.npm/_logs/2019-03-11T14_58_28_946Z-debug.log

I see that the package.json path is the problem, my package.json file is in ~/testcafe/node_modules/testcafe-live but npm is looking at /Users/Thomas.Pavan/testcafe/. I'm confused if I installed testcafe-live in the wrong location (currently at ~/testcafe) my project root folder, and I also don't understand where I can change the path shown in the error. Long story short, the package.json file should be in the root of my folder but installing testcafe-live as instructed, creates a node_modules folder and the package.json file is nested there.


Thank you for your interest in TestCafe. Starting from version 1.0.0 TestCafe has a built-in Live mode feature and it does not require any external module. The repository you mentioned is obsolete now. Please refer to the following article to get more details https://devexpress.github.io/testcafe/documentation/using-testcafe/common-concepts/live-mode.html  



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