Resize leading widget in flutter AppBar


I am making a custom AppBar that has a larger height than the typical AppBar. I would like to resize the leading widget/icon as well, and take advantage of the automaticallyImplyLeading default behaviors (so the menu icons and back icons are automatically implemented).

This is the solution I thought I would implement:

class AppAppBar extends PreferredSize{ AppAppBar(String title) : super( preferredSize: Size.fromHeight(56.0), child: AppBar( centerTitle: true, title: Text(title, style: textStyle) )) { (child as AppBar).leading = SizedBox(width: 30.0, height: 30.0, child: (child as AppBar).leading); } static const textStyle = TextStyle(fontSize: 32.0); }

But of course this won't work because (child as AppBar).leading is final.

So in the AppBar below (text size made dramatically larger for illustration purposes), I would like to make the automatically added hamburger icon larger in comparison.

What do you think? Are there solutions for this or should I give up on the automatic icons and add them myself?

Edit: Added an image to show what I mean


You cant because it is a predefined widget.

You can work around it with a Row widget:

Scaffold( key:_scaffoldKey, drawer: Drawer(), appBar: AppBar( automaticallyImplyLeading: false title: Row( mainAxisAlignment: MainAxisAlignment.start, crossAxisAlignment: CrossAxisAlignment.center, children: <Widget>[ SizedBox( height: 20, // Your Height width: 20, // Your width child: IconButton( // Your drawer Icon onPressed: () => _scaffoldKey.currentState.openDrawer()), icon: Icon(Icons.arrow_back, color: Colors.white), ),) // Your widgets here ], ), ), )

You need the Key to open the drawer with _scaffoldKey.currentState.openDrawer().

automaticallyImplyLeading: false will prevent the default drawer Icon.



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