Implementing ssl pinning in a react-native application using TrustKit iOS


I'm trying to implement SSL pinning in a react-native application (RN 0.60) and I'm using Trustkit.

Following the guide posted in https://github.com/datatheorem/TrustKit these are the step that I've done:

1) Install TrustKit pod using pod 'TrustKit' and pod install

2) Added to my AppDelegate.m this piece of code:

#import <TrustKit/TrustKit.h> //inside didFinishLaunchingWithOptions NSDictionary *trustKitConfig = @{ kTSKSwizzleNetworkDelegates: @YES, kTSKPinnedDomains: @{ @"www.datatheorem.com" : @{ kTSKEnforcePinning:@YES, kTSKIncludeSubdomains:@YES, //Using wrong hashes so it fails kTSKPublicKeyHashes : @[ @"Ca5gV6n7OVx4AxtEaIk8NI9qyKBTtKJjwqullb/v9hh=", @"YLh1dUR9y6Kja30RrAn7JKnbQG/uEtLMkBgFF2Fuihh=" ] }}}; [TrustKit initSharedInstanceWithConfiguration:trustKitConfig];

When i try to do

RNFetchBlob.fetch('GET', "https://www.datatheorem.com", {}) //tried using standard fetch() but gives same results .then(async(res) => { console.log('RES => ' ,res) }) // Something went wrong: .catch((err) => { console.log('ERROR =>', err); })

It goes inside then and doesn't give any error but responds with a 200 status code (using wrong Hashes).

Otherwise, using Android it works correctly, going inside the catch and saying:

Error: Pin verification failed

So, I've came back to this and tried it out again and got it working. The only difference from my current code to the one i posted some time ago is that i added kTSKPublicKeyAlgorithms : @[kTSKAlgorithmRsa2048] inside a specific pinned domain.

I've followed the same steps i posted in the question. The final AppDelegate looks like:

Inside didFinishLaunchingWithOptions before the return YES, i added:

[self initTrustKit];

Then after the enclosing parenthesis of the didFinishLaunchingWithOptions i added:

- (void)initTrustKit { NSDictionary *trustKitConfig = @{ kTSKSwizzleNetworkDelegates: @YES, kTSKPinnedDomains : @{ @"www.datatheorem.com" : @{ kTSKEnforcePinning : @YES, kTSKIncludeSubdomains:@YES, kTSKPublicKeyHashes : @[ @"Ca5gV6n7OVx4AxtEaIk8NI9qyKBTtKJjwqullb/v9hh=", @"YLh1dUR9y6Kja30RrAn7JKnbQG/uEtLMkBgFF2Fuihh=" ], kTSKPublicKeyAlgorithms : @[kTSKAlgorithmRsa2048], }, }}; [TrustKit initSharedInstanceWithConfiguration:trustKitConfig]; }

Not it works in iOS returning going in the catch and printing : ERROR => cancelled


I have configure the TrustKit in the Info.plist. Also I notice that even though you have only 1 PublicKeyHash, you have to provide a dummy one as well for Trustkit to work in iOS apps.



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