How to check if a Map or Set is empty?


With a traditional object in JavaScript, it is easy enough to check if it is empty using the Object.keys method:

const emptyObj = {}; console.log(Object.keys(emptyObj).length === 0); // true, i.e. "empty" const populatedObj = { foo: 'bar' }; console.log(Object.keys(populatedObj).length === 0); // false, not empty

Although a bit redundant, you can use the same approach with arrays too if you like:

const emptyArr = []; console.log(Object.keys(emptyArr).length === 0); // true const populatedArr = [1, 2, 3]; console.log(Object.keys(populatedArr).length === 0); // false

However, ES6's handy new data structures <em>Map</em> and <em>Set</em>, don't work the same way. If you try to use Object.keys on them you will <em>always</em> get an empty array!

const populatedSet = new Set(['foo']); console.log(Object.keys(populatedSet).length); // 0 const populatedMap = new Map([['foo', 1]]); console.log(Object.keys(populatedMap).length); // 0

So what is the best way to check whether or not your fancy new ES6 structures are populated? Also, is there some sort of single overloaded method that would work for objects, arrays, Maps, <em>and</em> Sets?


You use its size property. Both Maps and Sets have it (here and here).

<pre class="snippet-code-js lang-js prettyprint-override">const populatedSet = new Set(['foo']); console.log(populatedSet.size); // 1 const populatedMap = new Map([['foo', 1]]); console.log(populatedMap.size); // 1

(Side note: WeakMaps and WeakSets don't have size or several other features their "strong" counterparts have, in order to keep their implementations, and code using them, sane. :-) Where they have similar functionality, they offer the same API, but they aren't subclasses.)


You can do this directly

if(storeMapDetails.size==0)//Do something YOu can check this directly


For both cases you can use

const populatedSet = new Set(['foo']); console.log(populatedSet.size); // should be 1



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