Breaking out of nested while True loop


I am running a while True: loop in a webscraping script. I want the scraper to run in an incremental loop until running into a certain error. The general question is about how to break out of a while True loop when a certain condition is matched. The code as is just keeps on outputting the first run forever:

output 1;1 ... output 1;n

This is a minimal reproducible example of my code.

runs = [1,2,3] for r in runs: go = 0 while True: go +=1 output = ("output " + str(r) + ";" +str(go)) try: print(output) except go > 3: break

The desired output is:

output 1;1 output 1;2 output 1;3 output 2;1 output 2;2 output 3;3 output 3;1 output 3;2 output 3;3 [done]

You don't need try and except here. Keep things simple and just use a simple while condition on your go variable. In that case, you don't even need a break because as soon as go>=3, the condition will be False, you will come out of the while loop and restart the while loop for the next value of r.

runs = [1,2,3] for r in runs: go = 0 while go <3: go +=1 output = ("output " + str(r) + ";" +str(go)) print(output)


output 1;1 output 1;2 output 1;3 output 2;1 output 2;2 output 2;3 output 3;1 output 3;2 output 3;3

Alternative to while : As suggested by @chepner, you don't even need while and are better off with a for loop over go as

for r in runs: for go in range(1, 4): output = ("output " + str(r) + ";" +str(go)) print(output)



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