A problem occurred configuring project ':app'. in react-native and give some byte code as


After creating the project when i run the react-native app,


it gives me this error.

</blockquote> FAILURE: Build failed with an exception. * What went wrong: A problem occurred configuring project ':app'. > Failed to notify project evaluation listener. > Uninitialized object exists on backward branch 142 Exception Details: Location: com/android/build/gradle/internal/pipeline/VariantInfoImpl.<init>(Lcom/android/build/gradle/internal/scope/VariantScope;)V @200: goto Reason: Error exists in the bytecode Bytecode: 0x0000000: 2b12 3cb8 0034 2a2b b900 4201 0059 1244 0x0000010: b800 47b6 004d b900 5201 002b b900 5401 0x0000020: 0059 1256 b800 472b b900 4201 0059 1244 0x0000030: b800 47b6 005a c000 5c59 125e b800 47b9 0x0000040: 0061 0100 5912 63b8 0047 2bb9 0042 0100 0x0000050: 5912 44b8 0047 b600 6759 1269 b800 47c0 0x0000060: 006b 4d3a 0e3a 0d36 0c3a 0b03 3e2c 3a04 0x0000070: bb00 6d59 2c10 0ab8 0073 b700 76c0 0078 0x0000080: 3a05 0336 0619 04b9 007c 0100 3a07 1907 0x0000090: b900 8101 0099 0036 1907 b900 8501 003a 0x00000a0: 0819 0519 08c0 0087 3a09 3a0f 0336 0a19 0x00000b0: 0959 1289 b800 47b9 008a 0100 3a10 190f 0x00000c0: 1910 b900 8e02 0057 a7ff c619 05c0 0090 0x00000d0: 3a0f 190b 150c 190d 190e 190f c000 6bb8 0x00000e0: 0096 2bb9 0042 0100 5912 44b8 0047 b600 0x00000f0: 5ac0 005c 5912 5eb8 0047 b900 9801 00b7 0x0000100: 009a b1 Stackmap Table: full_frame(@142, {UninitializedThis,Object[#62],Object[#107],Integer, Object[#107],Object[#120],Integer,Object[#126],Top,Top,Top, UninitializedThis,Integer,Object[#169],Object[#same_frame(@203) * Try: Run with --stacktrace option to get the stack trace. Run with --info or -- debug option to get more log output. Run with --scan to get full insights. * Get more help at https://help.gradle.org BUILD FAILED in 8s error Failed to install the app. Make sure you have the Android development environment set up: https://facebook.github.io/react-native/docs/getting- started.html#android-development-environment. Run CLI with --verbose flag for more details. Error: Command failed: gradlew.bat app:installDebug - PreactNativeDevServerPort=8081

I have changed the


classpath("com.android.tools.build:gradle:3.4.1") to 3.4.2


It didn't work. i can't understand the problem. Need support. I have re-installed the modules but it gives the same issue.

Below is my path variable...


System variables



By Changing The SDK version, I have fixed my issue... and some other have suggested the same thing.


My jdk1.8.0_20 was not working. So i have just changed the jdk to jdk-12.0.2. I don't know if it is correct or not.

This question is related to some other question but i could not find it then...

<ol><li>Scala build crashed</li> </ol><blockquote>

Problem was in minor JDK version. Scala 2.12 require's newer version of JDK then 1.8.0_111. So after JDK upgrade everything work.


i wish it might help some.