How to test if object is a pathlib path?


I want to test if obj is a pathlib path and realized that the condition type(obj) is pathlib.PosixPath will be False for a path generated on a Windows machine.

Thus the question, is there a way to test if an object is a pathlib path (any of the possible, Path, PosixPath, WindowsPath, or the Pure...-analogs) without checking for all 6 version explicitly?


Yes, using isinstance(). Some sample code:

<pre class="lang-py prettyprint-override"># Python 3.4+ import pathlib path = pathlib.Path("foo/test.txt") # path = pathlib.PureWindowsPath(r'C:\foo\file.txt') # checks if the variable is any instance of pathlib if isinstance(path, pathlib.PurePath): print("It's pathlib!") # No PurePath if isinstance(path, pathlib.Path): print("No Pure path found here") if isinstance(path, pathlib.WindowsPath): print("We're on Windows") elif isinstance(path, pathlib.PosixPath): print("We're on Linux / Mac") # PurePath else: print("We're a Pure path")

Why does isinstance(path, pathlib.PurePath) work for all types? Take a look at this diagram:

We see that PurePath is at the top, that means everything else is a subclass of it. Therefore, we only have to check this one. Same reasoning for Path to check non-pure Paths.

<em>Bonus</em>: You can use a tuple in isinstance(path, (pathlib.WindowsPath, pathlib.PosixPath)) to check 2 types at once.



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