How to perform element-wise custom function with two matrices of identical dimension


Haven't been able to find any information on this. If I have two m x n matrices of identical dimension, is there a way to apply an element-wise function in numpty on them? To illustrate my meaning:

Custom function is F(x,y)

First Matrix:

array([[ a, b], [ c, d], [ e, f]])

Second Matrix:

array([[ g, h], [ i, j], [ k, l]])

Is there a way to use the above two matrices in numpy to get the desired output below

array([[ F(a,g), F(b,h)], [ F(c,i), F(d,j)], [ F(e,k), F(f,l)]])

I know I could just do nested for statements, but I'm thinking there may be a cleaner way


For a general function F(x,y), you can do:

out = [F(x,y) for x,y in zip(arr1.ravel(), arr2.ravel())] out = np.array(out).reshape(arr1.shape)

However, if possible, I would recommend rewriting F(x,y) in such a way that it can be vectorized:

# non vectorized F def F(x,y): return math.sin(x) + math.sin(y) # vectorized F def Fv(x,y): return np.sin(x) + np.sin(y) # this would fail - need to go the route above out = F(arr1, arr2) # this would work out = Fv(arr1, arr2)

You can use numpy.vectorize function:

<pre class="lang-py prettyprint-override">import numpy as np a = np.array([[ 'a', 'b'], [ 'c', 'd'], [ 'e', 'f']]) b = np.array([[ 'g', 'h'], [ 'i', 'j'], [ 'k', 'l']]) def F(x,y): return x+y F_vectorized = np.vectorize(F) c = F_vectorized(a, b) print(c)


array([['ag', 'bh'], ['ci', 'dj'], ['ek', 'fl']], dtype='<U2')



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