Gradle - difference between implementation and runtime


Having read this Gradle documentation I understand the difference between api and implementation. However I'd like to know if there's a difference between implementation and the deprecated runtime.

According to this table there is no difference in behavior, but using runtime in practice seems to "leak" the compile classpath when I was trying it out and so the classes I was trying to hide was actually being exposed to the consuming module.


implementation dependencies are added to the compilation classpath of the project they are declared in. That is not the case for runtime dependencies.

If you're talking purely about how implementation and runtime dependencies affect consumers of the project, the 4.6 release notes state that runtime dependencies have always been included on the compilation classpath, which is why you're seeing the leakage.

If you published a library with implementation dependencies, those dependencies would be marked as runtime scope in the POM, and I suspect that they would also be included in the compilation classpath of consuming projects. You would need to enable the IMPROVED_POM_SUPPORT feature to change that.



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