Docker: gracefully stop django server


I'm using docker and docker-compose. Inside docker-compose.yml I have command that starts django server:

command: ["./run/web.sh"]

In json format command should run in exec mode. Inside web.sh:

#!/usr/bin/env bash exec python manage.py runserver

When I tried to stop service with docker-compose stop it waited 10 seconds (default timeout) and then just kill service. In logs I've found project_web_1 exited with code 137.

How to stop django runserver gracefully with docker stop?


In your docker-compose.yml file, set the stop_signal to SIGINT:

<pre class="lang-yaml prettyprint-override">django: build: . command: ["./run/web.sh"] stop_signal: SIGINT <hr />

I struggled with this for a while myself…

When starting the runserver you'll notice it says "Quit the server with CONTROL-C." I took this to mean that Django's runserver is written to handle SIGINT (ctrl-c) and not SIGTERM (the signal docker sends). For me, changing the signal Docker sends to Django was easier than trying to handle SIGTERM in my script and exit the runserver gracefully.

Note that this depends on using exec in your web.sh script so that the signals don't get eaten by the shell – but I see you're already doing that.


I'll leave here the config that works for me:

yml file:

backend: restart: always container_name: django_proj image: username/django_proj build: context: . dockerfile: ./docker/django/Dockerfile command: /code/gunicorn-entrypoint.sh expose: - 8000

gunicorn-entrypoint.sh which is the same thing as your sh:

#!/bin/sh sleep 10 python manage.py makemigrations python manage.py migrate gunicorn -c gunicorn-config.py app_name.wsgi:application



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