Virtual overloaded operators >> and


I need an interface that would require its subclasses to overload << and >>, but I'm not quite sure how since these operators aren't overloaded as member functions:

std::istream& operator>> (std::istream& in, Student& student) { in >> student.name >> student.group; for (int& i : student.marks) { in >> i; } return in; }

Maybe there's a way to make it a member function?


You could do something like this:

<pre class="lang-cpp prettyprint-override">class StudentInterface { public: virtual void readSelfFrom(std::istream& in) = 0; }; std::istream& operator>> (std::istream& in, StudentInteface& student) { student.readSelfFrom(in); return in; }

And then let users derive from StudentInterface, eg:

<pre class="lang-cpp prettyprint-override">class Student: public StudentInterface { public: void readSelfFrom(std::istream& in) override { in >> name >> group; for (int& i : marks) { in >> i; } } };

A general approach in such a case is to declare in the base class a virtual member function like

virtual std::ostream & out( std::ostream &os = std::cout ) const;

In derived classes the function will be overriden.

Then the operator << can look like

std::ostream & operator <<( std::ostream &os, const Base &obj ) { return obj.out( os ); }

A similar way can be defined the operator >> only in this case the virtual member function will not be constant..



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