How do I convert this csv data into a bar chart?


Tour = Tour Name

Start = Available reservations at the start

End = Amount of reservations left

csv file columns:

ID | Tour | Start | End 12345 | Italy | 100 | 80 13579 | China | 50 | 30 24680 | France | 50 | 30

I have this so far

import pandas as pd df = pd.read_csv("items4.csv",sep=",").set_index('ID') d = dict(zip(df.index,df.values.tolist())) print(d) {12345: ['Italy', 100, 80], 13579: ['China', 50, 30], 24680: ['France', 50, 30]} #This is the output

I want to make a bar chart that looks something like this with this given data.


IIUC, call set_index and plot.bar:

df ID Tour Start End 0 12345 Italy 100 80 1 13579 China 50 30 2 24680 France 50 30 df.set_index('Tour')[['Start', 'End']].plot.bar() plt.show() <hr />

If you're interested in <em>annotating</em> the bars too, take a look at Annotate bars with values on Pandas bar plots.


You can also do this without set_index()

df.plot.bar(x = 'Tour', y = ['Start', 'End'])



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