Koin sharedViewModel with SavedStateHandle


I have single activity application and number of fragments. Some of these fragments are using my viewmodel, typically like this:

private val myViewModel: MyViewModel by sharedViewModel()

What if I want to have the model both shared and keep its state with SavedStateHandle? I cannot figure out if this is supported and if so, how it needs to be used (declaring viewmodel as stateViewModel in hosting activity is not working).


Update: as koin 2.1.6 is around, they introduced org.koin.androidx.viewmodel.ext.android.stateSharedViewModel that you can use in your fragments.

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Ok after an hour of digging Koin samples and figuring out a few gotchas:

<ol><li>Assuming your view model is something similar to this:</li> </ol>class SavedStateViewModel(val handle: SavedStateHandle, val service: SimpleService) <ol start="2"><li>...and your DI looks like this:</li> </ol>viewModel { (handle: SavedStateHandle) -> SavedStateViewModel(handle, get()) } <ol start="3"><li>Your shared state view model can be consumed in your fragments like this:</li> </ol>val sharedSaved: SavedStateViewModel by sharedViewModel() <ol start="4"><li>(important!) You need this declaration in your activity:</li> </ol>lateinit var savedVm: SavedStateViewModel <ol start="5"><li>(important) You need to call this right after super.onCreate(savedInstanceState) in your activity:</li> </ol>savedVm = getStateViewModel()

It is important not to use lazy version for the above (stateViewModel).



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