How to remove all dupes from an array of objects?

// This is a large array of objects, e.g.: let totalArray = [ {"id":"rec01dTDP9T4ZtHL4","fields": {"user_id":170180717,"user_name":"abcdefg","event_id":516575, }] let uniqueArray = []; let dupeArray = []; let itemIndex = 0 totalArray.forEach(x => { if(!uniqueArray.some(y => JSON.stringify(y.fields.user_id) === JSON.stringify(x.fields.user_id))){ uniqueArray.push(x) } else(dupeArray.push(x)) }) node.warn(totalArray); node.warn(uniqueArray); node.warn(dupeArray); return msg;

I'm successfully deduping the array to produce only unique values. Problem is, I need to remove both duplicates, e.g.: if there are 2 objects with the same user_id key, I want to remove both of the objects from the array, not just one.


One option is to iterate over the array and put the current object being iterated over at a user_id property on the object. If the property already exists there, reassign it to null instead. At the end, take the values of the object and remove the null values:

<pre class="snippet-code-js lang-js prettyprint-override">const totalArray = [{ "id": "rec01dTDP9T4ZtHL4", "fields": { "user_id": 170180717, "user_name": "abcdefg", "event_id": 516575, } }, { "id": "rec01dTDP9T4ZtHL4", "fields": { "user_id": 170180717, "user_name": "abcdefg", "event_id": 516575, } }, { "id": "unique", "fields": { "user_id": 1234, "user_name": "abcdefg", "event_id": 516575, } }]; const uniques = {}; for (const item of totalArray) { const prop = item.fields.user_id; uniques[prop] = uniques.hasOwnProperty(prop) ? null : item; } const output = Object.values(uniques).filter(Boolean); console.log(output);

You could first group the objects based on user_id. Then partition them based on group size (if a group only contains a single record it is unique). Then flatten the groups so it'll end up as a normal array of records and not an array of groups of records.

<pre class="snippet-code-js lang-js prettyprint-override">function groupBy(iterable, fn) { const groups = new Map(); for (const item of iterable) { const key = fn(item); if (!groups.has(key)) groups.set(key, []); groups.get(key).push(item); } return groups; } function partition(iterable, fn) { const truthy = [], falsy = []; for (const item of iterable) { (fn(item) ? truthy : falsy).push(item); } return [truthy, falsy]; } const totalArray = [{ "id": "rec01dTDP9T4ZtHL4", "fields": { "user_id": 170180717, "user_name": "abcdefg", "event_id": 516575, } }, { "id": "rec01dTDP9T4ZtHL4", "fields": { "user_id": 170180717, "user_name": "abcdefg", "event_id": 516575, } }, { "id": "unique", "fields": { "user_id": 1234, "user_name": "abcdefg", "event_id": 516575, } }]; const [uniqueArray, dupeArray] = partition( groupBy(totalArray, record => record.fields.user_id).values(), group => group.length == 1 ) .map(groups => groups.flat(1)); console.log("uniqueArray =", uniqueArray); console.log("dupeArray =", dupeArray);

You can use Array.reduce && Array.some like this:

<pre class="snippet-code-js lang-js prettyprint-override">let totalArray = [ { id: "rec01dTDP9T4ZtHL4", fields: { "user_id":170180717, "user_name":"abcdefg", "event_id":516575, } }, { id:"rec01dTDP9T4ZtHL4", fields: { "user_id":170180717, "user_name":"abcdefg", "event_id":516575, } }, { id:"rec01dTDP9T4ZtHL4", fields: { "user_id":1470107417, "user_name":"abcdefg", "event_id":516575, } }, { id:"rec01dTDP9T4ZtHL4", fields: { "user_id":1470107417, "user_name":"abcdefg", "event_id":516575, } }, { id:"rec01dTDP9T4ZtHL4", fields: { "user_id":14701073417, "user_name":"abcdefg", "event_id":516575, } } ]; let removeDups = totalArray.reduce((result,item,index,original)=>{ if (original.some((o,i)=>o.fields.user_id===item.fields.user_id && i!==index)) return result; result.push(item); return result; },[]) console.log(removeDups);



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