CodeIgniter Active Record Delete Multiple Records At Once


This is one of my controller functions. It grabs all the rows from a database table called 'users' and puts it into an array. It then loads a view called 'deleteuser' with the array data passed through.

function deleteuser(){ $this->load->model('users'); $employees['staff'] = $this->users->getStaff(); $this->load->view('deleteuser', $employees); }

In the deleteuser view, there's a checkbox type input generated from the array. The form action calls on a function called remove.

<form action="remove" method = "post"> <?php foreach($staff as $row): ?> <div class="checkbox"> <label> <input type="checkbox" name="delete[]" value="<?php echo $row->id ?>" /> <?php echo $row->lastName . ", " . $row->firstName; ?>
</label> <?php endforeach; ?>

<input type="submit" name = "remove" value = "Delete" class = "btn btn-danger btn-lg pull-left" /> </div>

The remove function grabs the delete array from the input and passes it to a model function called deleteUser.

function remove(){ $data = $this->input->post('delete'); $this->users->deleteUser($data); }

Now this is where I'm running into some trouble. Below is the model function for deleteUser, but it's giving me an undefined offset: 1 error. Any help would be appreciated.

function deleteUser($data) { if ($data) { for ($i = 0; $i <= count($data); $i++) { $this->db->where('id', $data[$i]); $this->db->delete('users'); } } }

Though answer by @DamienPirsy is correct in addressing your problem, I would suggest an alternate approach. I would delete all records at once, rather than in a loop. This will minimize your number of queries against the DB.

function deleteUser($data) { if (!empty($data)) { $this->db->where_in('id', $data); $this->db->delete('users'); } }

Remove the equal = sign, should be

for ($i = 0; $i<count($data); $i++)

you're fetching 1 element out of bounds. i.e, if count($data) is 4, you're looping: 0 1 2 3 4 ("count minor or equal to 4"), which is five elements indeed :)



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