How to get out this Do-While loop?


I've this basic Arduino code, and I want to have <em>2 options to exit this Do-While loop</em>. I simplified my original code to highlight the real problem: the Do-While <em>doesn't recognize the OR || condition to exit the loop</em>

In this code I'm starting with two integer variables that are equal to zero and as soon as they enter the Do-While, they'will be setted equal to 2 both, so that they can immediately exit the Do-While in the first iteration.

Here's my code:

int fin = 0; int ending = 0; int counter = 0; void setup() { Serial.begin(9600); }; //void setup void loop () { do { Serial.println("We are IN Do-While #1"); ending = 2; //fin = 2; } while ((ending < 1) || (fin < 1)); //I have just one condition for exit the Do-While ending = 1 Serial.println("We are OUT Do-While #1"); delay(3000); do { counter++; } while(counter<=100); Serial.println("We are OUT Do-While #2"); delay(3000); }

My problem is that I'm not setting <em>fin = 2</em>, because I want to test if the OR condition is working.

But it seems that it can't exit the Do-While unless they're both equal to 2. This is strange to me because the OR condition allows to exit the Do-While with a double options, in this particular case these options are:

<em>ending<1</em> OR (the alternative option).. <em>fin<1</em>

Additionally if I change (the rest of the code is the same) the while condition with an AND it behave like I want: so that I have two ways to exit the Do-While loop.


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