Using rxjs to throttle a callback


I am consuming an API in which I register a callback that occurs frequently.

function myCallback(event) { // do things with event, something computationally intensive } const something = createSomething({ onSomethingHappened: myCallback })

I'd like to limit the rate at which this callback fires, probably using <em>throttle</em>. This project uses Angular which bundles rx. How can I adapt my code so myCallback it throttled at 300ms using rx?

I have a basic grasp on how observables work but it's been a bit confusing to figure out how the callback interface would convert to observable interface.

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I think you can use fromEventPattern:

<pre class="lang-js prettyprint-override">let something; const src$ = fromEventPattern( handler => (something = createSomething({ onSomethingHappened: handler })), ); src$.pipe( throttleTime(300), map(args => myCallback(args)) );

Note: this assumed that myCallback is a synchronous operation.

The first argument passed to fromEventPattern is the addHandler. It can also have the removeHandler, where you can put your teardown logic(e.g: releasing from memory, nulling out values etc).

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In order to get a better understanding of what is handler and why is it used there, let's see how fromEventPattern is implemented:

<pre class="lang-js prettyprint-override">return new Observable<T | T[]>(subscriber => { const handler = (...e: T[]) => subscriber.next(e.length === 1 ? e[0] : e); let retValue: any; try { retValue = addHandler(handler); } catch (err) { subscriber.error(err); return undefined; } if (!isFunction(removeHandler)) { return undefined; } // This returned function will be called when the observable // is unsubscribed. That is, on manual unsubscription, on complete, or on error. return () => removeHandler(handler, retValue) ; });


As you can see, through handler, you can let the returned observable when it's time to emit something.


You can just pipe the operator throttleTime to a fromEvent stream.

<pre class="lang-js prettyprint-override">import { fromEvent } from 'rxjs'; import { throttleTime } from 'rxjs/operators'; const mouseMove$ = fromEvent(document, 'mousemove'); mouseMove$.pipe(throttleTime(300)).subscribe(...callback);

I'm not really familiar with RxJS but something like the following is possible.

Check it out on StackBlitz: https://stackblitz.com/edit/rxjs-ijzehs.

import { Subject, interval } from 'rxjs'; import { throttle } from 'rxjs/operators'; function myCallback(v) { // do things with event, something computationally intensive console.log("got value", v) } const o$ = new Subject() o$.pipe(throttle(v => interval(300))).subscribe(myCallback) const something = createSomething({ onSomethingHappened: v => { o$.next(v) } }) function createSomething({ onSomethingHappened }) { let i = 0 setInterval(() => { console.log("calling onSomethingHappened") onSomethingHappened(i++) }, 100) }

You can use a simple Subject

<pre class="lang-js prettyprint-override">function myCallback(event) { // do things with event, something computationally intensive } // subject presents all emits. const subject = new Subject(); const subscription = subject.pipe( throttle(300), // now we limit it as you wanted. ).subscribe(myCallback); const something = createSomething({ onSomethingHappened: e => subject.next(e), // using subject instead of callback. }) // subscription.unsubscribe(); // once we don't need it.



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