how to make user snippets work inside strings: vscode


I've made own user snippet code for javascript

"inner backquote concat variable" : { "prefix": "$", "body": "\\${$1}", "description": "concat variable with backquote sting" }

I want that snippet to work inside backquote string or single quote string when I press '$' like this

but it does not work when inside a string.

How do make the snippet work inside a string?


Add the following snippet in settings.json

"editor.quickSuggestions": { "strings": true },

It makes all snippets/emmets working on strings.


Together with @Ridwan's suggestion your example still wouldn't work because you have no space between $ and the backtick - so vscode does not see the $ as your prefix, it is just part of a larger string and so doesn't look like a unique trigger it is expecting.

You can see this with any snippet in or out of a string (using your snippet):

So the snippet prefix must "stand alone" so to speak so it can be recognized as a separate trigger. And that includes not being next to a " or backtick. They must have spaces around them.



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