Laravel: Storage not putting file inside public folder


When I use:

Storage::putFile('documents', $content, 'public');

I expect the folder structure inside public directory, like:

+ +-- storage +--|-- app +--|--|-- public +--|--|--|-- documents +--|--|--|--|-- XyZ.pdf +

Instead of:

+ +-- storage +--|-- app +--|--|-- documents +--|--|--|-- XyZ.pdf +--|--|-- public +

So, to force storage at "right" place I need to explicit put:

Storage::putFile('public/documents', $content, 'public');

What returns me a path that I'm not able to save at database because its values is "public/documents/xyz.pdf" and will not work properly with asset() helper.

How to use Storage facade to put files inside storage/app/public?


This isn't explicity in the docs.

Looking at config/filesystems.php, we have a public disk. Just use it:

Storage::disk('public')->put('documents', $content);



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