Recursively iterate through a nested dict and return value of the first matching key


I have a deeply nested dict and need to iterate through it and return the value corresponding to the key argument, second argument of my function.

For example, with

tree = {"a": 12, "g":{ "b": 2, "c": 4}, "d":5}

tree_traverse(tree, "d") should return 5

Here is my code:

def tree_traverse(tree, key): for k,v in tree.items(): if isinstance(v, dict): tree_traverse(v, key) elif k == key: return v

The problem I have is that this function returns None if it doesnt find the matching key once it's done iterating through the deepest nested dict. I don't want it to return anything before the matching key is found.

I didn't find a solution in another thread, most of them use print statements and don't return anything so I guess it avoids this issue.


You have to check whether the recursive call actually found something so you can continue the loop. E.g. try the following:

def tree_traverse(tree, key): for k, v in tree.items(): if k == key: return v elif isinstance(v, dict): found = tree_traverse(v, key) if found is not None: # check if recursive call found it return found

Here we instantiate an object when the function is created, that all executions of the function will share, called _marker. We return this object if we don't find the key. (You could also use None here, but None is frequently a meaningful value.)

def tree_traverse(tree, key, *, _marker=object()): for k,v in tree.items(): if isinstance(v, dict): res = tree_traverse(v, key, _marker=_marker) if res is not _marker: return res elif k == key: return v return _marker def find(tree, key): _marker = object() res = tree_traverse(tree, key, _marker=_marker) if res is _marker: raise KeyError("Key {} not found".format(key)) return res

I use tree_traverse as a helper function because we want different behaviour at the outermost layer of our recursion (throw an error) than we want inside (return a _marker object)



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