How to modify Makefile to support cross compilation?


I have the following Makefile:

CC=g++ top_srcdir=$(SRC_DIR)/cpp/src/ INCLUDES:= -I $(top_srcdir) -I $(top_srcdir)command_classes -I $(top_srcdir)platform -I $(top_srcdir)value_classes LIBS:= -lopenzwave -lpthread -ludev LDFLAGS += -L$(SRC_DIR) -Wl,-R$(SRC_DIR) '-Wl,-R$$ORIGIN' all: ozw ozw: Main.cpp $(CC) $(INCLUDES) -c Main.cpp -o ozw-power-on-off.o $(CC) $(LIBS) $(LDFLAGS) ozw-power-on-off.o -o ozw-power-on-off.out clean: rm -rf *.o *.out

I execute it with the following command:


But it ignores ARCH and CROSS_COMPILE values. I tried to replace $(CC) with $(MAKE) and added -$(MAKEFLAGS), but it was saying Nothing to be done for 'Main.cpp'.

How can I fix it and add cross compilation support?


A possible example of something I would try is below assuming $ARCH get's mapped to "arm" in this trivial example. I haven't tested it, but have done something similar before.

CC=g++ CC-arm=arm-g++ ozw: Main.cpp $(CC-$(ARCH)) $(INCLUDES) -c Main.cpp -o ozw-power-on-off.o $(CC-$(ARCH)) $(LIBS) $(LDFLAGS) ozw-power-on-off.o -o ozw-power-on-off.out

edit: This assumes that the tool chain exists in your path. edit: Might also modify it such that CC=$(PREFIX)-g++ it all depends on what you how what you pass into it maps against your tool chains naming convention.


The <em>things</em> you are passing to make (e.g. ARCH=$TARGET_ARCH) are really just Makefile variables. make doesn't know at all that they are related to <em>cross-compilation</em> (this is just something that you associate in your brain). E.g.

$ cat Makefile ARCH=pdp-11 foo: @echo arch: $ARCH $ make arch: pdp-11 $ make ARCH=le-corbusier arch: le-corbusier

The standard way to do cross-compilation is to just override the compiler/linker. E.g. the following would cross-compile for i686-w64-mingw32:

$ cat Makefile .PHONY: ozw owz: ozw-power-on-off.out ozw-power-on-off.o: Main.cpp $(CXX) $(INCLUDES) $(CPPFLAGS) $(CXXFLAGS) -c $^ -o $@ ozw-power-on-off.out: ozw-power-on-off.o $(CXX) -o $@ $(LDFLAGS) $^ $(LIBS) $ make CXX=i686-w64-mingw32-g++ <h2>a few notes</h2>

Your makefile has a number of issues...

<h3>variable names</h3>

CC is the standard variable for the <em>C-Compiler</em>; for a <em>C++-compiler</em> use CXX

<h3>linking order matters</h3>

Modern linkers will discard unused symbols, leading to possible linker errors if you don't get the order right. Therefore you should puts the $(LIBS) variable at the very end of your linker-invocation

<h3>declare dependencies</h3>

The power of make really is in the ability to resolve dependencies (finding out which parts of the build tree need to be recompiled when a few files have changed). For this to work you need to write rules that encode these dependencies - rather than conjure arbitrary target names and force to rebuild everything.



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