Is it possible to combine spring boot @Value with javax.validation.constraints?


I would like to validate values in application.properties. I use @Value to inject and @NotBlank to validate the method parameter in a class annotated with @Configuration.

createSslContext( @Value("#{systemProperties['javax.net.ssl.trustStore']}") @NotBlank(message = "Truststore is needed") String path)

I have included the hibernate-validator and the hibernate-validator-annotation-processor properties. Using Spring 2.2.0.RELEASE.

It doesn't work. The value is injected, but not validated. What am I missing?


Add @Validated to your configuration class.

@Configuration @Validated public class MyConfig { @Bean MyClass createSslContext( @Value("#{systemProperties['javax.net.ssl.trustStore']}") @NotBlank(message = "Truststore is needed") final String path) { ... } }



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