zsh and parallel: How to use functions. It says command not found


I have a script file

filename: test_sem_zsh.sh

main() { echo "Happy day" } export -f main sem --id testing --fg main

I am trying to run it using zsh

$ zsh test_sem_zsh.sh test_sem_zsh.sh:export:4: invalid option(s) zsh:1: command not found: main

It says two error's 1) main command not found and 2) export:4: invalid option(s)

Where as when i try with bash it works

$ sh test_sem_zsh.sh Happy day

So how to get this script working with zsh also


Not certain what you are trying to do, but this may help you define a chunk of code you can run under sem without needing bash's export:

#!/bin/zsh # Create script in /tmp script="/tmp/tmp-$$" cat <<EOF > "$script" echo "Happy day" date EOF sem --id testing --fg /bin/zsh "$script" rm "$script"

This answer is conceptual... for production use, you should set up a trap to remove the script, probably use mktemp and improve security.


sem is just a shorthand for parallel --semaphore.

You can use env_parallel:

#!/usr/bin/zsh # activate env_parallel (if not already done) . =env_parallel.zsh env_parallel --semaphore --id testing --fg main

Or if your environment is too big:

#!/usr/bin/zsh # activate env_parallel (if not already done) . =env_parallel.zsh env_parallel --session main() { echo "Happy day" } env_parallel --semaphore --id testing --fg main env_parallel --end-session



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