“RuntimeError: Can not put single artist in more than one figure” when creating a legend


I intend to create a new legend in a separate figure for elements already plotted in another figure.

The following solution is suggested here, but it fails for PolyCollections, e.g. produced by fill_between.

<pre class="lang-py prettyprint-override">doesntwork=True import matplotlib.pyplot as plt # Here I am creating a figure and saving it to a png file fig, ax = plt.subplots() ax.plot( [0,1], [1,0], label='item 1') if doesntwork: ax.fill_between([0,1], [2,1], y2=[1.5,0.5], label='item 2') ax.legend() fig.savefig('image.png') # Here I want the legend stored in a separate png file ... # ... create a new figure for this purpose fig_leg = plt.figure(figsize=(1.5, 0.8)) ax_leg = fig_leg.add_subplot(111) # ... draw the legend ax_leg.legend(*ax.get_legend_handles_labels(), loc='center') # ... turn of the axis and save to file ax_leg.axis('off') fig_leg.savefig('legend.png')

When doing without fill_between, by setting doesntwork=False, all is fine and legend.png is produced showing the legend.

With doesntwork=True I get:

RuntimeError: Can not put single artist in more than one figure

How can I get this to work with doesntwork=True?



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