Stargazer: line type


I am struggling with working out how to control the line style settings in stargazer. Below is my current working example. I like the double line at the top of the table, but I would like to replace the double line at the bottom of the table with a single line, and I would also like to replace the single solid line that separates the slope and intercept information from the summary information with a dashed/dotted line. For all steps up to this point I have been able to follow the stargazer documentation, but have become stuck at this point.

Any and all suggestions would be much appreciated.

lobster.data<- data.frame( distance= c(0, 2, 3, 4, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12, 18, 20, 20, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, 30), size= c(116.89, 96.90, 120.97, 116.40, 89.86, 96.83, 116.18, 117.02, 79.03, 69.86, 105.60, 68.12, 78.12, 69.86, 66.64, 62.11, 59.11, 59.94, 44.43)) lm.lobster <- lm(size~distance, data = lobster.data) # create our model stargazer(lm.lobster, type = 'latex', single.row = TRUE, omit.stat=c("ser","f", "adj.rsq"), no.space=TRUE, title ="Lobster linear regression", dep.var.caption="", digits =2, dep.var.labels ="Lobster size",covariate.labels=c("Distance", "Intercept") )
stargazer(lm.lobster, type = 'latex', single.row = TRUE, omit.stat=c("ser","f", "adj.rsq"), no.space=TRUE, title ="Lobster linear regression", dep.var.caption="", digits =2, table.layout ="-d-t-s=n", dep.var.labels ="Lobster size", covariate.labels=c("Distance", "Intercept") )

I added the line table.layout ="-d-t-s=n", with this you can control the layout, what elements the table should contain and which style of lines you like. With the - you make single lines with the = you make double lines.

here is the list of all options:

"-" single horizontal line "=" double horizontal line "-!" mandatory single horizontal line "=!" mandatory double horizontal line "l" dependent variable caption "d" dependent variable labels "m" model label "c" column labels "#" model numbers "b" object names "t" coefficient table "o" omitted coefficient indicators "a" additional lines "n" notes "s" model statistics



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