framework not found FirebaseInstanceID in Xcode


Step to reproduce.


I have added all the pod frameworks into my cordova project using XCode, after added, I don't know why the frameworks are whiten as this picture.

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So I start to build the project again, the first error said framework not found FirebaseInstallation, I thought the whiten framework is not valid, so I manually add the framework from my frameworks folder which is downloaded from https://firebase.google.com/docs/ios/setup#frameworks and finally become the normal yellow icon.

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I rebuild the project, this time the error is framework not found FirebaseCoreDiagnostics. Therefore, I repeat step 2 to add in the framework manually and compile again.

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This time the error is also framework not found but it is FirebaseInstanceID. As you can see from my Pods folder above, there is no FirebaseInstanceID framework that I can manually add into my project. I have search online, there is no single file named FirebaseInstanceID.framework exist on the internet. Where can I download it actually?

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Furthermore, is it the right way to manually add in all the pod frameworks into my project to solve the error? How can solve this kind of framework not found issue in Xcode? Thanks for any comment.


FirebaseInstanceID.framework is available in several of the folders from the download https://firebase.google.com/docs/ios/setup#frameworks, including FirebaseMessaging.



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